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East Coast Bible College President
President East Coast Bible College is a ministry of Community Baptist Church. With more than 21 years of experience in Church and Christian education, Pastor Ken Bartholomew serves as the President of East Coast Bible College.

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East Coast Bible College Vice President
As the Associate Pastor of Community Baptist Church with over 19 years of fulltime ministry in the local church and Christian education, Billy Knox serves as Vice President of East Coast Bible College.

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ECBC Vice President
Certificate and Diploma Program

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East Coast Bible College
East Coast Bible College was founded with both the layman and the fulltime minister in mind. For the layman that desires a deeper understanding of the Word, to the fulltime pastor who desires to pursue a degree, and to the individual who feels the call of God upon their life to serve Him in a fulltime capacity, East Coast offers a program that suits your life, your schedule and your calling.

It is the mission of ECBC to ground individuals in the Word of God, to equip them to better serve Him by deepening their knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures, therefore, strengthening their walk and their relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our goal is not simply knowledge but also service. A graduate of ECBC with a bachelor degree will have completed more than 250 service hours in their local church.

ECBC offers classes for part-time students. By following a well prepared schedule of online and on campus classes, the part-time student can earn a four year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bible in five years.

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Class on Minor Prophets begins

Fall Semester Begins - TBA
Available Classes: Life of Christ, Old Testament Survey,  Call to Minstry, Christian Growth Series,  Bible Doctrines I & II , Romans, and New Testament Survey 
East Coast Bible College is offers open enrollment to all available online classes. The initial classes needed to embark on your journey of pursuing the program or degree of your choice are currently avaialbe.

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